Design Development: Extractor Hoods for WESCO AG

Hardly any other functional element in the kitchen has undergone as many modifications in the recent past as the extractor hood. With such a distinctive variety of form and many modern innovations, the essential is often neglected, - the reliable and powerful removal of kitchen fumes. The Swiss enterprise WESCO has always followed a consistent path in this respect and focuses on functionality with its «Mission: Better Air».

The aim of the design was to create a slim appearance which was as reduced as possible, since too big a volume at head height above the cooker creates a disturbing influence. The intensive, interdisciplinary development carried out in a team between WESCO and Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering led to the extraction technology being able to be built flatter than previously. The extension of the effective area with hardened glass created additional functional and optical benefits. The air extraction, cleaning and illumination functions are clearly and easily regulated by means of a simple interface consisting of keys and pictograms.

Together with the engaged design input of our designers, WESCO has created the extractor hoods «Linea» and «Modul», timeless classics which have redefined air control and which are integrated harmoniously into every modern kitchen environment.

The WESCO «Modul» hood has received the Good Design Award Chicago Athenaeum, one of the world’s most prestigious product design awards.