System design of the wellengang vibration training equipment

As natural as walking - only much more efficient.

The developer and inventor Christian Wilhelm sought after a serious car accident, a fitness equipment for careful training of the muscles and joints. This was the initial point for his own development, together with the orthopedic surgeon and engineer Prof. Dr. Wolf Schneider.

The innovative training platform provides a side-alternating rocking movement, as well as a controlled lateral deflection, which makes the inversion of the direction of the platform gently. This was the birth of the Advanced Multipending Technology.

Based on this unique technology, the design and brand specialists of the Meyer- Hayoz Design Engineering Group designed an equipment series for gyms and the clinical therapeutic range, which takes into account the diverse needs of trainee and follows a reduced, quiet design.

In addition to the industrial and user interface design, the comprehensive communication concept for brochures and exhibition stand was designed and implemented.