Communication concept and product brochure for wellengang

In addition to the product design development of the wellengang vibrating equipment line the communication concept and a comprehensive product brochure has been developed by our design team.

The individual areas of application of the vibrating equipment are introduced with case studies and statements from the customers. Convenient to the respective subjects, the newly defined color concept was applied. The illustrated graphically figure of the exercising person, the side panels of the exercise device and the headline are colored uniform.

To shift the focus entirely on the product, rather than models drawn silhouettes were used. The contrast between photo truthful image of the product and the abstracted human figure brings another creative tension in the general view of the brochure. Also used was the new corporate typeface of the brand wellengang. This design concept has been strictly implemented in both the new product brochure as well as at the trade show and in the user interface (GUI).