Book Design – «I Have a Question» by Bill Dobbs

Bill Dobbs, born in London in 1953, golf enthusiast and arguably one of the most renowned language trainers in Switzerland, founded his language institute in Winterthur in 1985. Today, he develops comprehensive, internet-based e-learning solutions, coaches members of staff in enterprises in up-to-date, global Business English and in addition provides individual language training for managers at boardroom level.

For some time now, the team at Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering has been able to count on his valuable support, - as a partner in high-quality translation work for special correspondence as well as an in-house language coach for our design team.

Bill Dobbs has now become an author. With his book «I Have a Question», which is as educational as it is entertaining, he has published a collection of anecdotes and experiences from his many years of teaching. Some time ago, during an in-house lesson, he asked our communication designer «I have a question, can you design the cover of my forthcoming book?». «I'd be glad to» came the reply.

We are therefore very pleased to be not only part of the anecdotal content within the book but also to have been able to contribute a valuable contribution to the project «I Have a Question» itself with a variety of communication measures and in designing the visual appearance of the book, with illustrations, the internet website and the blog.