VITA Dental carrier

In view of the vast number of differently shaped plastic teeth, available in all colors of the extensive VITA shade system, a clearly arranged storage and coding system for VITA factory is crucial. This is necessary on the one hand with regard to the production and storage of teeth, for ordering and the global logisitics chain, and on the other hand to ensure a rapid selection and reliable determination of the correct product by the dental technician who creates an optimally adapted prosthesis from these individual teeth. 

To meet these requirements, the pre-fabricated teeth in maxillary anterior sets are sorted with the matching mandible and posterior sets. The dental carriers, standardized in only 2 sizes, have a recess in which a wax strip is inserted. The teeth are applied on this safely and without residue. Three different colored plastic types provide an initial orientation and typing. Already in the production phase each carrier receives its individual coding by dental laser marking. The signing is not printed in this process, but the light from the laser causes a local, so-called "color change effect". In this way, even the finest data matrix codes and fonts can be reproduced exactly and with sharp edges. The entire process takes place inline, without any significant delay, in an absolutely reliable manner and is in particular very economical.

The optimization of the plastic used within the color change batch, the adjusting of the surface texture of the laser and the desired feel, the shape of the edge geometry to fit into the true to life shape charts and, last but not least, the optimum presentation of the tooth for the doctor or technician posed a great challenge for our creative and technical design engineering specialists, this could be solved intelligently in close cooperation with the VITA project partners.