CAD-Based Industrial Design of Pick & Place Robots

The VELTRU AG, based in Schaffhausen, develops and manufactures parallel kinematic handling systems for lightweight bulk goods, so-called "delta robots". Depending on the application purpose, they have 2, 3 or 4 axes; they are all designed for use in pick-and-place applications with very short cycle times and are suitable for a variety of packaging applications. The realized, image processing-based applications today offer a turning capability of more than 150 products per minute and are used for food, medical devices, cosmetics and technical piece goods.

The design concept was developed by the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group in close coordination with the VELTRU constructors. Special attention had to be paid to an extremely challenging market environment and the immense price pressure which prevails here. Finding solutions therefore pursued the following strategy: consistent reduction of production costs by means of intelligent design, lightweight construction, use of common parts and the highly versatile platform strategy (design to cost).

In keeping with the corporate brand, a high recognition value of the customized key components, based on the design concept, was also crucial. Their affiliation to the VELTRU product family (branding) is therefore maintained also in the integration as an OEM product.

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