Industrial Design for the Energy Efficiency Unit «Steam to Power – STP»

The company Talbot New Energy AG was founded in the year 2011 with the aim of developing, manufacturing and marketing sustainable technologies in the field of energy efficiency. One result is the Talbot STP – «Steam to Power», an innovative, energy efficiency unit used in the processing of industrial steam in the low-pressure area and now ready for series production after having undergone a successful developmental and testing phase.

Our team developed a design concept which, from the very outset, provides the unit and the Talbot New Energy brand with a clear profile and identity in the market. The value of the product and the brand, - performance, quality and sustainability, are transported via the design. Various design and elaborative details underline the central idea of the unit, - the transformation of residual steam into resource-saving electrical energy.

Already in the start and development phase, first clients have been convinced of the combination of innovative technology and high-quality design with a reduced, calm form language. The visual quality provides for the first impression and serves as an efficient communication medium.