Product Development of the Premion Line Training Equipment Line by SVG

The premion line by SVG is setting new standards in the field of strength training equipment.

The development cooperation between the SVG medical systems company and the design and ergonomics specialists of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group rightly started at the earliest possible moment. It was therefore possible for us, after we had conducted extensive market research, to develop a new, intelligent and modular basic structure for the entire line, comprising 17 devices. In addition to creating a homogeneous appearance, this resulted in significant advantages also for manufacturing and logistics.

Overall, we were able to realize all development objectives, such as compact and low position, training with real weight plates and single-handed operation of the weight adjustment in the seats with the new design concept. The barrier-free device access also allows it to be used in the rehabilitation area.

The high design quality of the product line has been awarded with a number of prestigious design prizes.