Technical Design: Supercomputer GigaBooster

The Supercomputer «GigaBooster», which received the iF product design award in 1996, attracted attention at that time not only because of its design. It contained seven conventional processors which worked in parallel. Due to its structure and operating principle, it had a very low energy consumption, requiring around 1,000 times less energy than a comparable compute. Furthermore, the costs were much lower. The inventor and founder of the Supercomputing Systems AG, Prof. Dr. Anton Gunzinger of the ETH Zurich, was named one of the top leaders of the 21st century by the famous TIME Magazine due to his achievements.

The development was innovative and revolutionary at the time and was conceived principally for scientific and research institutes in order to simulate or analyse processes which required a very high level of computing power. The parallel computer, equipped with a Unix operating system. provided a peak performance of 1.6 Gigaflops.

This computer project is 100% «Swiss Made» from design through the sofware and hardware development, to the assembling. This pioneering work was a highly interesting, challenging and honourable design task for us.