Capital Goods Design for Textile Machine: Sulzer Textil M8300

With the weaving machine M8300, Sulzer Textil marked a new technological era in the textile sector. Although it was possible to increase the filling insertion rate to potentially over 5000 m/min, the thread is subject to a much lower stress than in other weaving procedures.

The shedding takes place by means of a rotor, this technology is unique in the world and became the formal starting point in the shape-finding of the machine casing. In the side contour, this finds its semantic expression.

Through user tests and ergonomic analyses on study models, carried out by the Meyer- Hayoz Design Engineering Group, sequences of operation were investigated, process steps optimized, and for example, the ideal position of individual features and controls defined.

The values ​​for noise, dust, vibration and machine energy requirements could be reduced dramatically by the new weaving principle; this results in more humane working conditions for the operator. At its launch, the M8300 multi-phase weaving machine set new standards not only by the enormous boost in performance, but also by its modular design, automation by means of a single motor activity and intelligent control via touch panel.

The high design quality and the exemplary ergonomic design of the innovative machine system were awarded by the Design Prize Switzerland, the iF product design award 1998 and by the Design Museum London (Design Sense).

Arguably, the design team of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group avails of the most comprehensive experience in the design of textile machines in the world. (Total process of spinning machinery, weaving machinery, textile equipment, knitting machines, warp knitting machines, etc.)