Corporate Design for the Company Stoppani AG

The company Stoppani AG is a Swiss production services company and supplies firms from all industrial areas, such as the machine, high-tech and medical industry. The enterprise produces investment goods at locations in Switzerland and in Malaysia by order of its clients in small quantities and in serial production.

In a comprehensive DNA workshop, the entrepreneurial values and objectives were defined. These then formed the basis for the design of the corporate identity and the development of additional media.

An important core competence of the Stoppani AG company is the flexible responsiveness to customer demands. This entrepreneurial flexibility is reflected in the free arrangement of the design elements and logo variations, and is defined by a flexibly applicable pattern. An additional feature of the company are intelligent and lean processes in manufacturing. Individual production stages are summarised in brackets in this process. For visual reinforcement of this strength, the entire contents are framed with the design element of brackets.

Every definition in the design, such as the typography, the colour concept, the flexible pattern or the pictorial language has been evaluated and adapted according to the entrepreneurial values and aims.In addition, the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group developed brochures, exhibition appearances as well as concepts for the new website.