Capital goods Design for Spühl Box Spring Units

Spühl AG was founded in 1877 and is today a global engineering company which convinces through its technical expertise and its innovative spirit. With Swiss quality and precision, machinery for the production of spring units are designed and manufactured, these are used in 150 countries in the upholstery and mattress industry.

For many years, the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group has been the design partner together with whom the Spühl AG approach their upcoming new developments. A central objective in the design of new machine claddings is always the clear identification as a Spühl product, which is not easy to achieve in the face of heterogeneous requirement profiles and different markets. The enormous price pressure with the compulsion to low production costs also impacts this product segment. Thanks to excellent technology, lean production and high perceived value, the Spühl AG can encounter this trend successfully and maintain its market leadership and continue to expand.

The three machine types shown as examples represent a product cross-section of the last years. Pocket spring machines and a high performance system for fully automatic mattress assembly are shown, enabling the continuous advancement in fabrication technology to be clearly seen. Used intelligently, the resulting new production possibilities can be used for the  customer's success - not solely financially but also in terms of design.