CombiTwist: Distinctive, Innovative Packaging Design for Screw Cap Lid

The closure produced by the SIG Combibloc GmbH & Co. KG opens the carton packaging by a spiral mechanism under the lid - in one turn. To re-close, the screw cap is simply turned down. Verification of the initial opening occurs through the twisting off of fine webs between the lid and the upstream surface, which is glued to the white bracket. Such a safe opening type requires a corresponding adhesion surface which is to be taken into consideration in the design process.

The cleverly concealed opening function in the lid was transferred by a direction-indicating , finely matted spiral on the lid surface. It refers whirlwind-like to the packaged good - a liquid. Also, the asymmetrical grip edges are designed according to this principle and enable an ergonomically safe opening. For many years, the modern, timeless combiTwist design in different colors has proved its worth on the entire market.

The Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group received an iF Design Award for this design development as well as for the parallel emerging «shapeTwist».