Usability Engineering and Design Development of Security Systems Securiton AG

The alarm and security systems of Securiton, the Swiss specialist for safety, are used worldwide in professional building monitoring. There they control, for example, doors and safes, report cases of fire or burglary and give precise instructions to staff in any type of interference.

The correct handling of acute problems depends on immediate situation awareness, clear focus on tasks, avoidance of stress and high process safety, - in other words, on usability.

Therefore, the user interface designers of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group, in close cooperation with the Securiton AG development team, developed the operating concept for the modular systems SecuriSafe and SecuriFire based on extensive usability testing and workshops.

The resulting approaches were tested by means of practical and interactive software prototypes. Step-by-step, the navigation concept was developed with its unique information management, with a specially pictogram language and a clear style of dialogue. Moreover, the screen design as a whole reflects the brand identity of the Securiton AG, in conjunction with the product line developed in parallel and designed by the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group.