User Interface Design for the NUM CNC Systems

A simple operation of complex machines and processes is crucial for efficient work. Our reworked HMI, designed in close cooperation with the specialists of the NUM AG, has a wide range of functions and can be flexibly adjusted to the customer's needs by its modular conception.

Our usability engineering is based on a well-structured menu. The content was structured hierarchically and logically grouped together. For the user, the results are a further improved readability and orientation as well as a very intuitive operation.

As a basis for the design and the programming of the user interfaces, we created a design guide for our customers. Based on this guidance, the NUM Flexium HMI is always on the right path, even for future developments.

To provide an appropriate framework for the new software development, the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group was entrusted with the design of the NUM touch control panel. In addition to the formal development of the hardware components and the definition of materials and finishes, the graphics, the color and the printing on the front glass were part of this design process for our team.