Corporate Design for MKR Metzger

MKR Metzger produces recycling systems for used industrial process fluids. As a leading specialist in reprocessing MKR provides series devices at the highest level

In the course of the continuous expansion of the MKR Metzger GmbH, it was necessary to expand and modernize the appearance accordingly. The redesign included alongside the logo, stationery and claim also the machine design and the exhibition support, see the booth at the EMO 2007 opposite.

The goldfish motif is used throughout as a metaphor for the purity of the medium water. Together with the company color orange, the viewer is visually guided through the various presentation media. The interactive Flash presentation "MKR value chain", explains the benefits which may result for an industrial company from using the MKR recycling systems, besides a good environmental conscience, it is also about concrete financial savings.

The product design: The combination of white machine color, vertical orange-grey bar coding and free standing MKR logo leads to a clear recognition of the different devices as MKR products. The striking orange - in conjunction with the fish motif - serves as a value asset and role model as well as a reminder of the subject "clear water".