Means of Communication for the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group

An important factor for the success of a company is the communication to the outside. This applies not only to our customers but also of course to us.

The core of our activities are the projects with and for our customers. The presentation of this work, with regard to contents, stands in the foreground of our communication.

The website, which is optimally represented by the responsive design on every device, forms the base of this communication strategy. In addition, classical means of communication were developed such as postcards and ads, with information on a selected project and the link to more information and pictures on the website through QR codes.

Through our field of competence "visualization" we are able to present our projects at a very high level even during the design process. Through animations, complex processes can be explained quickly and easily. Our demo reel shows you a glimpse of the possibilities of this form of presentation. Visit our YouTube channel to discover more animation examples.