Corporate Product Design of the Studer S12 Cylindrical Grinding Machines

The perfect interplay of several factors such as a thermally neutral machine bed made of Granitan, high stiff-built sleds and magnetically pre-loaded hydrostatic guidance systems provides for the Studer S12 accuracy in the delivery area of 10-nanometer steps and has therefore enabled the production of high precision components which are used in the latest generations of diesel engines with high pressure direct injection.

The S12, including its peripheral equipment, requires only 4 square meters of floor space. The wide lifting door provides optimal access to the work area. Large side doors facilitate the users’ work and allow for the dual-sided provision of automated loading systems or a linking of several units.

The Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group team was able to make a decisive contribution towards imparting a suitable form upon this albeit very compact machine, a form which brings the technical innovations to the forefront and makes them clearly visible and noticeable.

Fritz Studer AG is the market and technology leader in rotary grinding processes and an important driver within the Körber Schleifring Group, the world's largest grinding machine group.