Product Design for the Innovative Strength Measuring Plate «KMP Newton»

The strength measuring plate «KMP Newton» serves to determine the physical performance level of sportspeople and rehabilitation patients. The person in question jumps into the air with both legs, performs squats or press-ups. Sensors which are integrated into the four corners of the platform register the intensity and chronological and spatial distribution of the applied force at 4,000 measuring intervals per second. The evaluation software statistically compares the current values with those previously recorded, creates the results graphically and documents them.  In this way, individual training statuses, any possible muscular disbalances or deficits as well as tendencies can be deduced. The progress achieved by the person involved is comprehensible and motivates the person undertaking the training.

Less is more: This is how the design of the KMP Newton strength measuring plate can be described. It has been kept deliberately plain, designed in a reserved manner and is extremely flat, not only in order to reduce the proverbial «inhibition threshold», but primarily to prevent injuries. With this reduced design approach it became even more important to focus on carefully elaborated details and a high level of workmanship.

A simple way of measuring the success of physical activities such as vibration training (wellengang), gymnastics and physiotherapy is made possible for the first time with the strength measuring plate KMP Newton. Previously, it was necessary to evaluate this by means of complicated equipment and laborious, time-consuming methods.

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