Product design at its best: Indication system Kistler - KiBox To Go

In order to optimize the combustion parameters of auto engines by an engine control unit in test vehicles, the application engineer requires a tool that supports him with high functionality and processing power for the rough use in the test vehicle. With the KiBox by Kistler Instrumente AG, a modular system was developed, which can be mounted in many ways in a variety of vehicles for example by the use of seat belts. All sensor connections are routed to the front of the device and are also laterally through the bracket, easily accessible. Through the bracket and the shock absorbers the cables in the connections area are protected optimally from strains, shocks and damages. The same applies to the protection of the entire unit.

Platform concept: depending on the measurement requirements the system can be expanded by modular stacking with other modular components concerning to the individual application.

The measurement results are transferred and displayed directly on a stand-alone user interface on a laptop.

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