Machine Design: Modular soldering Kirsten the modula wave®

"The modula wave" is a modular wave soldering system for processing lead-free solder and various alloys. Each process component is designed as a stand-alone module. It is embedded in a standardized supporting structure, and added to a precisely fitting, tailor-made production line. It remains modifiable for future extensions: precise adjustment elements and an agent-based control make it possible.

The core is the globally used and proven electromagnetic, as Kirsten Jet-Wave patented hollow shaft. Behind the front doors with their green elements lies High-tech at its finest. With the CART-execution the Lotmodul can be completely and quickly exchanged - an absolute novelty in the industry.

The clear design of the soldering system with its sleek, lightweight appearance reflects the future demands on the electronic PCB production already today. In addition to the large-scale production, the demand for highly flexible solutions with the shortest changeover times increases. The trend towards individualisation leads to smaller lot sizes, which can be produced economically in this way. The entire development was done in close cooperation with the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group.