Modular graphic design concept in the shape of an analog configurator for the modula wave®

The conception and visual design of an analog configurator for the fair presentation of the Kirsten Soldering AG at the Productronica 2011 in Munich was an exciting new challenge  for our communication designers.

The many possible combinations of the modula wave modules should be pointed out, as well as the additional options. This should be in accordance with the already developed corporate design of the Kirsten Soldering AG and the graphical appearance of the exhibition stand. The visitors should be given the opportunity to inform themselves about the individual solutions and the flexibility of the Kirsten wave soldering system directly at the fair and take this information as a give-away.

Due to these requirements, our team developed a graphic design solution in the shape of an intuitive card placing game. Because of the clear structure of the card design all combinations for configuring a modula wave ® could be tested. The combinable modules are connected with the matching color in the horizontal, possible additional options are connected with signs in the vertical.

The project was developed and coordinated from the concept, the organization to the production by us.