Modular Design for the GWF Smart Metering System

«» is the guiding idea of the company GWF MessSysteme AG, based in Lucerne. The innovative enterprise has been involved in the measurement and recording of electricity, gas, water and heat consumption for 110 years now, and makes an important contribution to the sustainable use of energy with its trendsetting Smart Metering system solutions.

GWF has revolutionised the reading of water meters with its new UNICO and MTK generation, the consumption can be recorded visually, noted and then communicated in written form or it can be read remotely by means of a wireless module, either fully automatically via a data interface and Internet, or simply while driving by.

The components required for this current series were designed by the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group. From just a few individual modules, an intelligently constructed modular system was developed in which each encoder can be retroactively equipped with a radio module. The housings are sub-divided designed in such a way as to enable antenna modules to be fitted separately («Split Version») without creating any further costs for an additional die mould.

GWF’s Smart Metering System also represents a successful example of the very topical  «Internet of Things» and stands for a product design which demonstrates that good functional and formal design solutions are worthwhile even if these things often remain concealed in daily life.

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