Product and corporate communication for the Grob Horgen AG

The Grob Horgen AG manufactured extremely delicate components with Swiss precision, which are essential for high-duty-weaving machines, among other things, heald shafts, headles, warp stop motions and the like more. The Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group developed a comprehensive communication strategy for the worldwide promotion of this weaving systems.

At the traditional print sector, these were e.g. brochures and product flyers, a large-sized newsletter anda an ad campaign, applied for the for the Asian region. The customer was also competently looked after for his various international trade fairs, in addition to the design of the exhibition stands through the design and production of special presenters, representing the small-format products oversized. Furthermore 3D animations for heald shafts were created with which the functionality and technological advantages of the Grob-products were experienced.

As a creative basic idea for a major trade show in Asia, for example, the combination of healds with everyday objects was served, this alienation and the consciously playful use of technology has become the key visual of the Grob Horgen AG, which attracted much attention and was enthusiastically received in the Asian region.

The company is now part of the international leading Groz-Beckert Group and the production continues to be very successful. The comprehensive technology know-how and wide experience of the Groz-Beckert Group secures promising innovations for the future.