Gallus ICS 670: Pure product design

With the inline machine concept for the folding box production Gallus chases a completely new technological approach with the ICS 670. Up to now the manufacturing processes were running on separate machines, now it succeeded fot the first time to unite everything in a continuous press system - printing, finishing and editing on the same production line, combined with the full process flexibility, modularity and efficiency.

The Gallus ICS 670 handels all, from the roller to the finished stamped at once. The configuration of the machine is carried out within the shortest time. A modular platform concept allows an efficient and cost-effective production and allows an almost unlimited range of printing, finishing and machining processes in one system.

According to the high level of innovation of this concept, the design solutions convince through modular consistency and self-explanatory also. Safety and ergonomics combine with the environmental and economic benefits to a coherent whole, which has also been honored with prestigious international design awards.

Once again the Gallus Group thereby is setting the Benchmark for quality, reliability and productivity with innovative solutions, and strengthen its leading position in the packaging industry.