Gallus ECS 340 - Granite Based Industrial Design

The Gallus ECS 340 is based on a core of technical granite. This material, first used in the printing machine sector, reduces vibration and noise drastically and leads to a thitherto surpassing running smoothness and process stability.

In order to do full justice to this material, there had to be developed adequate, formally conclusive design solutions. The design aim "material fidelity" was achieved by a skeletal structure which shows technology and materials and allows optimal access to all major components.

With the focus on "reduce to the max" the product development had to be clearly carried out according to customer requirements (customer centricity), which are increasingly dominated by the enormous pressure of competition. The machine operator of the Gallus ECS is able to install a completely new print job at his own and in a very short time. Overhung printing units can be replaced with a few simple steps (recognizable by the blue color inking unit caps) and an innovative color changing system shortens the process changeover interval to an absolute minimum.

The natural resource granite has a positive impact on the CO2 balance and makes an important contribution to ecology and to the unique design shape of this very successful machine.

Gallus ECS 340