FERAG UniDrum is the central power unit of the pressure processing of large newspaper printing and publishing houses. On this "collection staple cylinder" pre-produced sides are brought together and stitched as well as samples are glued in. It is fascinating to watch the UniDrum at work. The entire process flow is rotative. At the same time the final good is generated continuously of many individual parts and soars immediately, each held by a single typical FERAG yellow brackets, in an almost endless product stream from the processing into the distribution room.

For the gang stitcher UniDrum the FERAG AG Hinwil/Switzerland received alongside two other awards also the "iF Product Design Award 2001" for outstanding product design in the category industry. The FERAG AG considered these awards as a great success in the effort, to provide the printing industry components and systems, that generate added value.

The fulfillment of the criteria functionality, usability, safety, ergonomics and innovation is a requirement for the granting of the awards. Equally questioned are energy efficiency, environmental safety, choice of materials, treatment and durability as well as high-quality design and functional visualization of course.

Together with the FERAG development team we were able to submit the evidence that this is possible.