Corporate Design for FemtoTools

FemtoTools is a young Swiss spin-off of the renowned ETH Zurich. The company received the «Swiss Technology Award» for the development of its high-precision instruments for mechanical laboratory tests and robotic handling in the micro and nano range. FemtoTools has been included in the list of the most influential companies in the global robotics industry by the «Robotics Business Review».

Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering supported the team of FemtoTools in a dynamic design process in the areas of Corporate Communication and Corporate Product Design and was therefore able to make a valuable contribution towards the establishment of the company and the brand.

The design goal was clearly defined from the outset, - the construction of a cross-media, uniform design language to provide more identity and quality in the company's appearance. The careful reworking of the logo, brochures and website were all part of the design task, as well as initial steps in the area of Product Design and Visualization.