Modular design of the pharmaceutical packaging machinery line Dividella NeoTOP

With the top-loading packaging machines, type NeoTOP, Dividella a traditional swiss company, part of the hamburger Körber Group, has established firmly in the top league of pharmaceutical industry. The high-performance fully automatic machines may fill up to 160 flip-top boxes per minute with objects, such as blisters, parenterals (ampules and syringes) or medical products (inhalers, pens and sprays).

The machine series NeoTOP was, through the years, subjected to a careful re-design. Each time, the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group was commissioned. The objective was a coherent adaption of the proven design to the in the meantime changed technical conditions.

This example shows that capital goods, which are based on a conclusive, elaborate and well-implemented corporate design concept, don’t lose its actuality, usability or value across the years. Applied in this sense, industrial design makes an important contribution to sustainability and resource conservation.

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