Corporate Industrial Design of the ski tuning center CSA Tune 3 U

Till now grinding machines were always constructed similar: to provide the necessary grinding on the bottom and side edges, the ski is bounded over several sequent grinding and polishing units and is shuttled several times.

Other than the CSA Tune 3 U, presented 2012: For the first time the sports equipment is fixed and the aggregates get moved linearly on rails. This has - in addition to an optimized surface pattern - a shorter machine length in result. At the frequently encountered crowded arrangement situations in winter sports centers this can be crucial: With its compact dimensions the CSA Tune 3 U Tuning Center finds space almost anywhere.

The reel platings retains the ski stable and provides by using pneumatic binders an absolutely consistent surface pressure. The continuous alignment of the sports equipment allows an unprecedented precision in the tread and edge tuning so far.

The design of the new ski grinding machine CSA Tune 3 U is characterized by a distinctive form, convincingly human engineering and a fresh, light coloring. The loading and unloading happens comfortably through a wide door opening in the middle of the construction. The permanent process monitoring is facilitated by a generous glazing and the good interior lighting. The presentation of the new development at the ISPO 2012 in Munich thrilled the ski industry and established a new standard thereby.

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