Xevonta: Medical design of the dialyzer by B. Braun Avitum

At the cutting point between blood- and dialysatecircuit, in the dialyzer, the actual hemodialysis (dialysis) takes place. Here happens the detoxication and the dehydration, caused by a semipermeable membrane, which separates the two fluids and enables the mass transfer.

The concise creative striking X-shaped design of the B. Braun Xevonta with his bundle -header expansion ensures an extraordinary homogeneous circulation of dialysate in the dialyzer. High blood cleaning values diminish the treatment session, as the fibers are flushed optimally. The formal definition of the cover surface is following the underlying functional principle. It symbolizes the reverse flowage of blood and cleaning solution within the dialyzer.

As a part of the long-standing cooperation between the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group and the B. Braun Avitum the Dialog+ was developed, a dialysis machine that is the essential instrument of the dialysis process and is very successful in the international market today.