Medical engineering design: Dialysis machine Dialog+ by B. Braun Avitum

The Dialog+ is a blood purification equipment for so called hemodialysis (dialysis) for people, who suffer from renal failure. Various device configurations allow through numerous modular options an individual adaptation to the ease of use and patient comfort as well as the consequent conversion of medical and economic claims.

So this product solution combines sophisticated medical technology with a comfortable and safer handling and presented itself in an optically and ergonomically sophisticated design. Even the high demand on hygiene and simple robustness were important criteria of B. Braun Avitum already in the early stages of development. The complete aluminum investment casting body of the monitor has been redesigned and developed for the existing pivot point, as this allows the cable passage at once.

Based on the previous dialysis machines, the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group achieved not only a calm and durable visual language, but also additionally an iF Product Design Award for B. Braun Avitum and especially for the patients all over the world. In addition to the Dialog+ the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group also engineered the product design of the new dialyzer Xevonta. Parallel to the industrial design solutions the division communication design developed the figurative word trade mark Dialog+.