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Interview with Red Dot Ambassador Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz

January 2020 – The Red Dot Award has been the focal point for companies, agencies and designers from around the world for decades. The competition and a range of international activities have led to the development of a global design community that will find a fitting platform with the Red Dot Network from 1 October 2019. Recently, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz was appointed Red Dot Network Ambassador.

Further information on the Red Dot Network and an interview with the founder and CEO of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group about his jury work can be found here:

iF Gold Award 2017 for Minifors 2

March 2017 – We are very pleased, jointly with our client Infors, that we won the top distinction in this year's iF Design Award – the iF gold award. From over 5'500 submissions, only 75 were awarded the gold by the independent expert iF jury.

The prize was awarded for the Bioreactor Minifors 2 in the discipline Product, in the category Medicine/Health/Care. More information can be found in the «Design Excellence» section of the iF World Design Guide.

Each year, Germany’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, bestows the iF Design Award on the best submissions. Since over 60 years, the iF Design Award has been recognised as an arbiter of quality for exceptional design.

On 10 March 2017, over 2,000 guests from design, business, culture, politics and the media from over 40 countries celebrated the winners at the BMW Welt in Munich. A wonderful event where we received the golden trophy personally together with Infors onstage.

For more information, please refer to:

Project Announcement – Product Design for MotoSana

Mobisit is a versatile device for movement therapy. The product provides the opportunity to carry out various exercises for almost the entire body, very effectively and efficiently. The product is conceived for use during numerous everyday activities, in leisure time and professional life. The various exercises help muscle relaxation and can lead to improved blood circulation as well as better sleep for the user.

The solid housing is manufactured by metal die-casting and in combination with the sleek wedge shape it is optimally designed to meet the challenges of mobile use.

For more information, please refer to:

«German Design Award 2017» for the Corporate Design of FemtoTools

24th October, 2016 – The «German Design Award» is the premium international prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present and honour unique design trends. The award is one of the most well respected design competitions in the world and is held in high regard well beyond professional circles. More than 4,000 entries from all over the world were presented this year in both categories Excellent Product Design and Excellent Communications Design.

We are very pleased, jointly with our client FemtoTools, that our design development was honoured by the jury of experts and that our dedication has paid off. The Swiss spin-off of the renowned ETH Zurich has previously received the «Swiss Technology Award» and has been included in the list of the most influental robotics companies worldwide by the «Robotics Business Review». Yet another example of the fact that leaders in technology are most likely also leaders in design.

For an insight into this project, please refer to:

NeoTOP 1604: Dividella launches new pharma toploading cartoner

Dividella, manufacturer of pharma and biotech packaging systems, brings a new toploading machine to the market. The NeoTOP 1604 is ideally suited for the production of mid-size and large lots up to 16 mio. packs per year. With its large format range blisters, ampoules, vials, syringes, injectors and similar products can be packaged in a wide range of standard and special boxes. Considering its performance, the NeoTOP 1604 has an outstandingly small footprint. It offers many new packaging possibilities which can be produced flexibly and efficiently due to the modular and extendable packaging system.

The machine is based on the proven corporate design concept developed by the system designers of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group for Dividella. Once again this product demonstrates the modularity of the system solution. The machine was visualised impressively by our communication designers.

For a more detailed look into the project, please go to:

Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering goes China

Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz has been asked to be one of the judges of «China Good Design 2016». The design contest is taking place in the Chinese metropolis for the second time this year and is organized by Red Dot in cooperation with the Xiamen Culture Media Group. The award ceremony and design exhibition as part of the Xiamen International Design Business Week (from October 29th until November 1st) already aroused great interest last year with more than 300.000 visitors. The aim is to make high-quality products manufactured by international companies visible to the Chinese market and recognise their quality.

The award’s jury has now been finalised. It consists of independent designers, professors and trade journalists - none of whom work in industry. This year, a total of 12 members will award prizes to the best and most innovative products submitted.

Besides the activities for the award, Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group will give an insight to its design work and competencies with a booth at the Xiamen International Design Week. It is the largest design business exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region and is the only one of its kind in China. We are looking forward to this event and are already very excited about the cultural exchange.

For more information, please visit:

Nomination for «German Design Award 2017» – Corporate Design for FemtoTools

We are very pleased to announce that the joint development of FemtoTools (Spin-Off of the renowned ETH Zurich) and Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering has been nominated by the German Design Council for the «German Design Award 2017» in the category Corporate Design/Communication Design.

The German Design Council bestows the German Design Award, which is highly regarded and one of the most important design distinctions worldwide. Commissioned by the highest authority to represent new developments in german design industry, it was established in 1953 at the instigation of the German Bundestag (the lower house of German parliament). As a foundation, it supports the industry in all aspects consistently aimed at generating an added brand value through design.

For more information, please visit:

After record participation: The winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016 have been announced

Manufacturers and designers from 57 countries entered a record number of around 5,200 innovations in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. The jury was also bigger than before. 41 experts, including Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz, came together to assess each and every object live and on site over a period of several days. (The picture shows f.l.t.r.: Red Dot jurors Gordon Bruce, Hideshi Hamaguchi and Prof. Dr. Ken Nah during the jury process)

According to the strict rules of Red Dot, only freelance designers, design professors and specialised journalists are traditionally appointed to the jury – but not designers employed at companies potentially participating. The experts consciously assess the special intercultural aspects of design and thus guarantee an evaluation that serves as a guide for manufacturers and designers worldwide.

The Red Dot Gala will take place on Monday, 4 July 2016. During the glamorous awards ceremony in the Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany, the 79 winners of the highest distinction «Red Dot: Best of the Best» will be honored. From that date all winning products will also be featured online as well as in the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2016/2017.

For more information, please visit:

Download Red Dot press release

«I Have a Question» by Bill Dobbs – Book Publication and Cover Design

Bill Dobbs, born in London in 1953, golf enthusiast and arguably one of the most renowned language trainers in Switzerland, founded his language institute in Winterthur in 1985. Today, he develops comprehensive, internet-based e-learning solutions, coaches members of staff in enterprises in up-to-date, global Business English and in addition provides individual language training for managers at boardroom level.

For some time now, the team at Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering has been able to count on his valuable support, - as a partner in high-quality translation work for special correspondence as well as an in-house language coach for our design team.

Bill Dobbs has now become an author. With his book «I Have a Question», which is as educational as it is entertaining, he has published a collection of anecdotes and experiences from his many years of teaching. Some time ago, during an in-house lesson, he asked our communication designer «I have a question, can you design the cover of my forthcoming book?». «I'd be glad to» came the reply. We are therefore very pleased to be not only part of the anecdotal content within the book but also to have been able to contribute a valuable contribution to the work itself in designing the visual appearance of the book, the internet website and the blog.

We congratulate Mr. Dobbs on his publication and wish the author and his book project great success. We are looking forward to further synergies of «English and Design for Specific Purposes» in the cooperation between wds William Dobbs Sprachen und Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering.

For more information, please visit:

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016: Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz as member of the Jury

Until February 10 2016, manufacturers and designers from around the world have the chance to register their products for the renowned design competition and to face one of the biggest global product comparisons. Which design will be bestowed with the coveted «Red Dot» will be assessed by an international jury of independent design experts. In February, about 40 jury members devotes themselves to each product live and on-site at the World Heritage Site «Zeche Zollverein» for several days. Once again also Wolfgang Meyer-Hayoz has been asked to be one of the judges.

Project Announcement - Corporate Design for FemtoTools

18th December, 2015 – FemtoTools is a Swiss high-tech company that offers award-winning, ultra high-precision instruments for mechanical testing and robotic handling in the micro- and nano domains.
We are very pleased to have been able to support the young and committed Team from the renowned ETH Zurich with our Design services on their way to become a global player in the laboratories worldwide and to have helped establish their clear profile and identity.

For an insight into this project, please refer to:

MHDE CLASSICS: «seven» for Swisslamps International

08th April, 2015 – Working environments with intelligent light control are more topical nowadays than ever before, since wellbeing and efficiency in the workplace depend very much upon the factor light. To this end, Swisslamps International had already launched «seven», a tailor-made illumination system, in the year 2000. The standing lamps, suspended luminaires and the wall lamps were all designed by the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group. With their mix of indirect and direct light parts, precisely dosed by means of the LMS light management system, «seven» was well ahead of its time.

For a detailed look into the project, please go to:

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 – And the winners are ...

1st April, 2015 – Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the Red Dot Award engaged  
the services of a particularly renowned jury, consisting of 38 design  
professionals from 25 nations. Around 5,000 entries from 56 countries  
were evaluated, this was also a record. In teams of 3 experts, the  
jury examined each individual product in terms of functionality, level of innovation, formal quality, ergonomics, sustainability as well as  
other criteria. The prizegiving ceremony of the Red Dot Award: Product  
Design 2015 takes place on June 29th as a gala event in the Aalto  
Theatre in Essen, Germany.

The photograph (© Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen) shows, from left  
to right, Nils Toft (Denmark), Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen (Chile) and  
Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz adjudicating particularly powerful, innovative  
lighting systems which can only be viewed by wearing protective goggles.

For more information, please visit:


25th March, 2015 ­ – The «CELAY» dental grinding machine, launched at the beginning of the 1990s, provided an alternative to a pressing and widespread medical problem, - the replacement of mercury amalgam as a filling material for carious teeth. The device proved to be very practicable and became established very quickly, and the design, thought-out to the very last detail, was bestowed the top award «THE BEST OF THE BEST» by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in 1993. Until today, there are still laboratories all over the world which turn to the tried and tested Mikrona system «CELAY» for special applications.

For a more detailed look into the project, please go to:

Three international Design Competitions this year with Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz as Juror

22nd January, 2015 – Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz’s expertise is once again very much in demand this year. In addition to his activities as member of the jury of the Red Dot Award: Product Design in Essen, Germany and the Red Dot
Award: Design Concept
in Singapore, Mr. Meyer-Hayoz has now also been nominated onto the jury for the Design Prize of Switzerland.

These honorary activities in eminent juries, the joint evaluations in intensive dialogues with branch colleagues from all over the world, as well as the great variety of interesting design entries offer profound insights into the different markets and state-of-the-art technologies.

Further information can be found under: , ,

MHDE CLASSICS: Supercomputer «GigaBooster»

5th December, 2014  – Within the framework of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering «Classics», we would like to present successful design projects from our past. This series starts with the project «GigaBooster». The design draft of this Supercomputer dates back exactly 20 years. The development by Prof. Dr. Anton Gunzinger of the ETH Zurich was revolutionary at the time and Gunzinger was named one of the top leaders of the 21st century by the famous TIME Magazine.

In 1996, the product received the renowned iF product design award. On the one hand the functional design of the enclosure was best conceived for the innovative technology and its high-end performance and on the other hand the remarkable energy efficiency of this product was exemplary and honoured by the design jury.

For an insight into this project, please refer to:

Project Announcement: Design Development of the Energy Efficiency Unit Talbot STP

1st July, 2014 – Through our activities as a member of the network ‚cleantech switzerland’, we were already familiar with the motto «transforming waste into value».  The enterprise Talbot New Energy, based in Zug, has taken this to heart and, after a successful developmental and testing phase, is now launching an energy efficiency unit for use in various industrial branches. The «Steam to Power» technology enables residual or process steam to be returned to the energy cycle for the generation of electrical energy.

We are very pleased to have been able to support the development of the unit and the brand from the outset in the area of design and to have helped establish their clear profile and identity. After a very positive initial resonance, we wish the Talbot New Energy AG continued success in the marketing of the «STP» unit.

For an insight into this project, please refer to:

VDI Knowledge Forum (Wissensforum) – Speech by Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz on the Subject «Design: Usability and More ...»

27th March, 2014 – At the invitation of the VDI Knowledge Forum (Wissensforum), Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz will hold a speech on the subject «Design: Usability and More ...» on 8th May 2014. The talk is part of the conference on «Plastics in Medical Technology 2014» under the section «From Customers’ Wishes to Innovation: Current Product Trends in Medical Technology».

A focal point of the speech will be the question «Which demands are placed on design developments today?». In addition, the aspects of anticipation, trends in design and interesting forms of cooperation between design and materials development will be highlighted and the possibilities of 3D printing will be displayed under the aspect «Visions Versus Standardisation Trends».

The «7th VDI Symposium Plastics in Medical Technology 2014» takes place from 07.05.14 until 08.05.14 in Friedrichshafen, in the building ‚Graf Zeppelin Haus‘.

For further information and the registration link, please go to:

Download VDI-Fachtagung Programm


Appointment of Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz to the Red Dot Award Jury: Design Concept 2014, Singapore

10th March, 2014 – In addition to his function as jury member in this year’s Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014 in Essen, Germany, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz has also been appointed to the international jury of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2014.

This competition for design concepts and prototypes, unique in the world and hugely successful, is organised by Red Dot Asia Singapore and has received approximately 4,500 entries from over 50 countries in the last years. The entries are submitted by design institutions, companies and design offices, designers and research establishments / universities to 29 categories, such as «Public Space, Mobility and Life Science»

Every year, those entries which have received a Red Dot Award for design concepts are exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

For further information, please go to:

People and Positions: Contribution to ‘Wirtschaftsmagazin Bodensee’ (Business Magazine for Lake Constance Area) 2014, by Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz

4th March, 2014 – «Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved». This quote by the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson forms the introduction to the editorial article on the subject of Business Essentials, written by Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz which appears in the ‘Wirtschaftsmagazin Bodensee 2014.’

From the viewpoint of the designer and product developer, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz writes about the importance, the future and the competitive situation of «Design Made in Germany/Switzerland». The central topic for him here is Europe’s perception in its entirety as a strong brand in the world’s economy.

The company Apple is referred to as an example of the successful form of a future-oriented business model, this company has succeeded in triggering great enthusiasm on the market through technological competence, entrepreneurial and managerial culture, user and usability awareness as well as the highest level of design.

According to Mr. Meyer-Hayoz, in addition to contending with Asian players, German and Swiss manufacturers will also have to compete in particular with the American market which has been revived by lower energy prices. In order to be able to react suitably, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz regards it as necessary that strategic design is connected to new business models as well as to innovative technology developments and that it is integrated into corporate branding.

The Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group achieves valuable design synergies for its clients by the close integration of its five areas of competence, thereby creating the foundation for future success.

Article ‚Wirtschaftsmagazin Bodensee 2014 Online‘

To Design Or Not To Be – Trends in Product Design in the Journal «Made in Germany 2013/14»

25th February, 2014 – In his function as an internationally operating designer and design consultant, together with design colleagues, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz aired his views on current design trends in the renowned journal «Made in Germany 2013/14».

In a personal interview, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz added the following points:

The importance of design for the commercial success of a product or for an enterprise will continue to increase. The emphasis, on my part, however, is placed on the approach to creating integral, holistic branding and thinking within the enterprise.  I can observe two directions or ways industry is taking today, - the «integrated way», the close alliance of technology (technological leadership), product and communication design as well as production at world brand level. This path is challenging and stony, yet in the long term successful.

Besides this I can also observe, unfortunately, another direction, path B, - design and marketing in Germany and «sending the blueprints» for production in Asia. Lean may well be successful in the short term. However, according to my personal experience and conviction, in the medium and long term the skills for technological development and production know-how will be lost. I recall the quote from Mr. Nicolas Hayek: «A country which loses its know-how in production loses firstly its financial independence and then its independence in total.»

Appointment of Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz as Juror for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014

14th February, 2014 – For the 8th time, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz has been appointed to the highly distinguished, international design jury of the Red Dot Design Award in the category of Product Design. In the coming weeks, the exciting selection process begins for the jury, with numerous excellently designed entries submitted by companies and designers from around the world.

Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz comments: «The Red Dot Design Award is a unique opportunity to see the world’s most up-to-date and most innovative design developments focussed in one place, to experience them live and to discuss these developments intensively with colleagues on the jury. This fascinates me every single year anew, both as a practising designer and as a juror».

As a press release issued by Red Dot states, the jury members are all international design luminaries who, according to a code of honour, do not submit any of their own work. This guarantees absolute independence in the judging process. In contrast to other design competitions, evaluations are carried out on the products themselves for the Red Dot Design Award. Great logistical efforts are undertaken in order for all of the registered products to be displayed over a period of days for the judging process in halls specifically rented for this purpose. Here, the products are appraised in detail by the jury teams, tested and then evaluated according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, self-explanatory quality or ecological soundness. The results of the jury reflect the future of the branch in question, and in this way, function as a beacon for manufacturers and designers all over the world.

Further information about the members of the jury:

The Efforts Have Paid Off

17, December 2013 – An eventful exhibition season draws to a close for our customers. Also this year we were given the opportunity to support and accompany many of our customers with their international product and company presentations.

The NUM Group was once again successfully on the road throughout the whole world. The Gallus ECS shone again at Labelexpo in Brussels. wellengang, with the new vibration exercise equipment «comfortable» and «performance», convinced numerous visitors at the Medica in Dusseldorf. The Aequator AG presented their recent development, the coffee machine "Venezuela" at exhibitions in Milan, Cologne and Zurich. Last but not least, the Kirsten Soldering AG took part in Productronica in Munich to present the innovations of the wave soldering system "the modula wave" to an interested audience.

For the year 2014, we wish all our clients continued success and we look forward to the new joint tasks and challenges.

Project Release: Design Development of the Coffee Machine «Venezuela» for the Aequator AG

26, November 2013 – Recently, the Swiss company from Arbon on Lake Constance successfully presented its latest development at fairs in Cologne, Milan and Zurich. We are pleased that we were able to support our customer in this project in the areas of product design and graphic design.

We wish the Aequator AG a good market entry and every success with the coffee machine "Venezuela".

We would like to give you an insight into this project below:

Awarded: Granting of the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg 2013 in silver to our design team

22, October 2013 - From a large number of submissions a jury of specialists chose the most technologically complex and in its implementation very innovative ski tuning center CSA Tune 3 U and recorded it with the Focus Open 2013 in silver, the International Design Award Baden-Württemberg, of the Design Center Stuttgart.

The product development CSA Tune 3 U has already inspired in their presentation at the International Trade Fair of Sports, the ISPO in Munich by the superior ergonomic concept and the high design quality. The initial fixation of sports equipment and the linear grinding leads to the extremely compact dimensions of the ski tuning center and unmatched precision in the tread and edge tuning.

The Spühl AG, the manufacturer company, which is based in Wittenbach/Switzerland, always manages to put the benchmark in various fields of technology and to raise the bar.

The team of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group would like to thank the staff of the CSA Division for their continued confidence in this project and the Spühl AG for the many years of professional collaboration.

The award ceremony took place on Friday the 18th October 2013, held at the Cultural Center in Ludwigsburg. The award-winning products could be issued at the MIK - Information Art Museum until the first of December 2013.

Find out more:

Demo Reel and means of communication for the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group

We are pleased to inform you with this news on our own activities in the field of public relations and communications. In order to present our projects, areas of competence, visualization and animation features in extracts  we have created a show-reel.

On occasion, take a look on our YouTube channel or right here on our website. Besides the new demo reel we present there other means of communication of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group.

red dot News: Project presentation vita clinical Corporate Branding

13, June 2013 - Under, the online portal of the red dot, the world's most significant independent design institution, the latest design development of the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group is presented.

The development of the holistic design line and design strategy of vitaclinical is recognized as a successful interdisciplinary work. Also highlighted is the stringent pursuit of a consistent design identity and quality, used in all design disciplines.

For more information, please visit:

Project Release: Ceramic Dental Implant System vitaclinical

23, May 2013 - With vitaclinical a new brand in the field of ceramic dental implant has been developed under the umbrella of our long-standing customer, the VITA Zahnfabrik. In close cooperation with the customers and the users we were able to develop a comprehensive corporate branding.

We congratulate vitaclinical for entering the market and wish the new brand success.

An insight into this extensive project we will show below:

"Brand Experience" - Press article in the ExpoData 3'13

03, May 2013 - On the subject of "Brand Experience" the exhibition and event magazine EXPODATA published an article about the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group in the issue 3'13. Under the principle of "Temporary architecture: pillars of live communication" Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz reports about the importance of strategy-oriented design approaches based on holistic communication solutions.

Article ExpoData 3'13 (926 KB)

swissicons by Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group

20, March 2013 – Icons are a visual anchor that helps to navigate through a user interface and to orient themselves.

Under the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group offers design services in the field of user interface design. Besides the design of user interfaces (GUI, HMI) it includes the development of the icons.

Another component of this design competence is the development of pictograms, icon alphabets and icon languages, usability engineering and designing infographics.

iF International Forum Design - Success Story about the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group

11, March 2013 – Excellent! Our success story, now with 18 "iF product design awards", you can see now until 03/18/2013, online at the web pages of the "iF International Forum Design."

Online Exhibiton:

Medical Cluster Booklet 2013/14 published

06, March 2013 – The Medical Cluster is a Swiss network of manufacturers and suppliers, services and research companies in the medical industry. In the booklet, the members are introduced, our portrait is on pages 330/331:

red dot design award - Jury 2013

07, January 2013 - The red dot award: product design 2013 is in full swing. Many designers and companies from around the world have already taken care, with strong design submissions, that the jury is eagerly awaiting the selection process. Also this year, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz was once again appointed in the international and high-caliber jury of the red dot design award design for the area of product design.

The participants of the "red dot award: product design" have to face the international competition. The winners position their product through the award as one of the design-strongest on the market with the internationally leading design quality seal "red dot". The products of the winners strengthen largely and sustainably the trademarks of their respective companies.

More information at:

Num corporate design concept

04, January 2013 - On the occasion of the comprehensive revision of the user interface design of CNC systems of the NUM AG,  the communication design specialists of the Meyer- Hayoz Design Engineering Group has been entrusted with the development of the corporate design for the new company presentation.

Part of this task was the design of digital media such as the web presence and the definition of the appearance in the print sector, in the form of a new brochure concept and templates for the international use of different advertising themes. Furthermore, the numerous international trade fairs of the NUM Group were marketing-strategically and creatively redesigned.

Of the basic structure to the detail implementation, the new design principle is shown in all communication applications and reflects thereby the contemporary and high quality of services of the NUM AG.

More information about the project:

SWR2 - Radio-podcast of the broadcast Kontext on the topic "The 3rd Industrial Revolution"

Brief statement with the design consultant Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz

02, January 2013 – On the question "How digitization is changing the work" Wolfgang K. Meyer - Hayoz makes an entry statement from the perspective of an input product designer and developer in the SWR2 radio show Kontext, on the topic "The 3rd Industrial Revolution".

Developers and designers of products consider industrial enterprises holistically today. Research and development , marketing, production and ultimately presentation will gradually become one. With the digitization of production , the structures for the economy change again, fundamental signs of this are already visible.

For Wolfgang K. Meyer - Hayoz the unifying element is a common design language, a common sense of what one perceives as beautiful, inspiring, positive and emotionally appealing. This provides motivation and inspiration in the everyday work , brings corporate culture to life and helps you to feel comfortable in the workplace. The change for the designer and founder of the Meyer- Hayoz Design Engineering Group begins by not only considering services and production processes separately from each other, but also by developing the connecting potentials successfully.

The podcast can be downloaded here. (German)