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    • Wolfgang K.
      • Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz studied mechanical engineering, visual communication and industrial design and graduated from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design. The professors Klaus Lehmann, Kurt Weidemann and Max Bense all had a formative influence on the design philosophy he has today. In 1985, he founded the Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group with offices in Winterthur/Switzerland and Constance/Germany.

        From 1987 to 1993, Meyer-Hayoz acted as honorary president of the Swiss Design Association (SDA). He is a member of the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID), Swiss Marketing and the Swiss Management Society (SMG). In addition to his work as a designer and a consultant, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz is also a guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and a member of the support group of the Institute of Marketing. Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz serves as a juror on international design panels such as the Red Dot Design Award in Essen and Singapore. Besides working on complex design processes in the company's focus areas of medical engineering as well as machine and equipment design, he also moderates change management and turnaround projects in the fields of design strategy.

    • The Enterprise
      • Our five competence areas (Design Strategy, Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Temporary Architecture and Communication Design) enables our enterprise to unite previously independently operating value-added chains and to generate design as well as economic synergies. Our design teams in both locations (Winterthur, Switzerland and Constance, Germany) consult and advise start-up, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as market leaders in the most diverse demanding scopes of work.

        As one of the leading European design companies for corporate branding, medical technology, investment goods, high-tech developments as well as for sophisticated consumer goods, and as the recipient of numerous design prizes, we convey valuable impulses to our clients in order for them to strengthen their competitiveness and to optimally position their brands.

    • Credo
      • Development of Leadership

        We understand design as a market-focussed process and as a strategic position of success within the development of identity for our clients.

        It is the aim of our work to «translate» the corporate strategy and the DNA of our clients into a congruent design strategy and in so doing, to make their development of Corporate Design and Corporate Identity programs manageable. Only in this way can the power of design be deployed within the framework of a long-term identity and branding process in the enterprise as well as on the market.

        Through the development of future-oriented and intelligent system design solutions, we create strategic competitive advantages for our customers in their markets.

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    • Locations
      • Winterthur

        We are located in the Technopark Winterthur within the Sulzerareal.

        Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering AG
        Technoparkstrasse 2
        8406 Winterthur

        Telephone +41 52 209 01 01


        Directions as PDF: German / English



        In Constance we are located in the town centre, near Constance Cathedral.

        Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering (Deutschland) GmbH
        Zollernstrasse 26
        78462 Konstanz

        Telephone +49 7531 90 93 0


        Directions as PDF: German / English

    • Network
      • Our network of diverse partners from diverse fields enables us to offer and to realise comprehensive services from a single source.

        We maintain partnerships with institutions, production service providers in various branches and areas and with specialists for specific tasks, such as audio branding.

        By means of exchange and cooperation with our partners, we are able to support and consult our clients very effectively, from the original idea to the launching of their products on the market, and beyond.

  • Services
    • Analyses and Studies
      • Good design enables services, values and content to be communicated in an understandable manner, problems can be solved and processes optimised. At the beginning of a successful project, these must first be formulated and weighted. By means of analyses and studies aligned to the project itself and to the client, we are able to gain a clear picture of the enterprise, the products or the processes.

        Through this, we lay the foundation for a successful design.

    • Conceptualisation
      • Uniform design fascinates and is understood. This uniformity can only evolve if design rules are established from the outset, based on conceptional thinking. In the realisation phase these rules then clearly address all of the issues which have previously arisen. The requirements and aims of a project are developed and defined in close cooperation with our clients, only in this way can customer and target audience needs be clearly identified and then managed in further conceptual elaborations.


    • Drafting & Design
      • Based on the concepts developed and on the analyses and studies carried out, we create the design concept within our five areas of competence. In coordination with producers, developers and the client, the defined ideas are further developed and realised


    • Realisation
      • Based on many years of experience in project development and in design engineering, we provide you with solid support in the realisation of your ideas and in the implementation and further development of projects you have undertaken with us.

    • Marketing & Branding
      • Good design is far more than the pleasant shaping of objects. A holistic design line is important in order to place a product on the market successfully and to fulfill the requirements of customers. In order to achieve this, we do our utmost to enrich the brand and/or product with «life and value» at various representational levels and in the most varied of communication channels, thereby facilitating a clear and unambiguous identification.

  • Areas of
    • Design
      • Innovation and the Development of Design Strategies

        In order to create something unique and innovative, thinking processes should not take place in strict categories, they should be undertaken in an interdisciplinary manner. Our strategy-oriented design approach makes full use of the possible creative potential and this leads to innovative concepts, intuitive products and creative communication services. Experience clearly demonstrates that a holistic design strategy is crucial for the economic success of a product development.

        The operative design management concentrates on the design process. Here we include the generation of ideas, the selection of ideas, design-related market analysis, briefing as well as the whole coordination of the design process and the design audit.

    • Industrial
      • Product and System Design

        Mastery of complex industrial design development processes has high priority in our enterprise, as many of our clients develop product and system solutions which distinguish themselves in their respective markets by their uniqueness.

        By means of a design solution which corresponds to the strategy, we help in making these «values» and «messages» become perceptible and thereby effective in the market.

    • User Inerface
      • User Interface Design and Usability Engineering

        Industrial processes are becoming increasingly controlled by humans via screen surfaces (graphical user interfaces, or GUIs). Some key terms in this area are increase in performance, automation and complexity of these processes. More and more functions and movements of machines and devices are motorised and controlled digitally, and are often no longer within the operator's field of vision.

        The Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering Group sees the reliable detection, the understanding and the visualisation of these processes and this information for the user as important criteria in the development of user interfaces/man-machine interfaces.

        Functional crossover of demands in ergonomics, semiotics, graphics and other fields of design enables our company to develop solutions which, in addition to the function, also fulfil the corporate design criteria of our clients.

    • Temporary
      • Temporary Architecture / Design of Exhibition Booths

        Companies present themselves to the public in many different ways, for example, in the form of their buildings which, by their deliberately chosen architectural language, make clear their “values” and value systems.

        The same can be said for the «temporary» presence of an enterprise at exhibitions and congresses. Also in this case it is of strategic interest to communicate and illustrate the identity of the company in question (branding), and in so doing, to motivate the exhibition visitors to visit its booth and to generate enthusiasm.

        In this way, we see temporary architecture as an essential design process within corporate design. 

    • Communication
      • Communication Design and Corporate Branding

        The classic communication channels in the print area are being greatly complemented nowadays by the manifold possibilities of digital media.

        Based on our strategy-oriented design approach, we develop holistic communication solutions for our clients.

        Some examples of this are the complete corporate identity as well as corporate design programs, control systems, product and system descriptions, and also training materials in order to support the transfer of learning in the enterprise. Specialists in the fields of communication design develop solutions jointly with our clients, thereby helping the corporate objectives to be achieved more quickly.  

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      • Meyer-Hayoz Design Engineering AG
        Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hayoz
        Technoparkstrasse 2
        8406 Winterthur

        Telephone +41 (0) 52 209 01 01


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